KOSA bamboo can be used in many applications, just like wood

KOSA bamboo tafel


KOSA Bamboo can be processed into custom sized panels for uses such as table and kitchen tops, as well as furniture materials such as shelf planks and furniture panels. There are no restrictions on size and thickness as compared to sheet wood since the bamboo can be planed and glued to your desired sizes.


bamboe kozijn


The strength and stability of KOSA Bamboo is ideal for the production of door and window frames. Due to the drying and compression process, the stability of KOSA Bamboo is optimal and results in lesser shrinkage or expansion due to humidity differences compared to wood. We can provide bamboo beams in various sizes up to 5.4 meter long in any thickness. At this moment, we recommend to use KOSA Bamboo for interior purposes only.

KOSA bamboo keuken

Furniture material

In principle, whatever can be made from wood can also be made from bamboo. We have more than 10 years’ experience in working with bamboo. Sanding, planing, sawing, cutting, glueing or profiling – anything is possible. We can always help or advise you on the possibilities offered by KOSA Bamboo.


massief bamboe trap

Staircases and stairsteps

 Stairsteps made from KOSA Bamboo are not only sustainable but also very durable. The extreme strength of the bamboo fibres is ideal for use  in public areas and heavy usage. The composition and high-pressure production process gives KOSA Bamboo a unique hardness.