Bamboo is a type of grass with special characteristics. The benefits of the pressed beams are very valueable.



There are many different bamboo species. We use the Moso type bamboo that has stems which can grow up as high as 14 meters. The bamboo will grow mature in five years. These stems will then be harvested when they are at their strongest, right before their natural decay begins after six years. This bamboo grows abundantly in the vasty forests of south east China.


The bamboo stem is cut lengthwise into strands and compressed under high pressure into square beams. Through the compression process the bamboo strands are intertwined which gives the beams comparable strength characteristics of hardwoods. After drying the bamboo bea becomes more stable, more resistant and tougher than nearly all hardwoods (see technical specifications). The bamboo beam can be processed with woodworking machines to produce all imaginable products to replace hardwood.



KOSA Bamboo is pressed in moulds into square beams. This offers the advantage that less material is wasted during the processing compared to woodworking where the raw material is a round stem. As less wastage is generated to achieve the desired sizes, the material will be fully used. This results in cost reduction as well.

kosa bamboe panelen

two colour design

KOSA bamboo comes in two colours - natural and caramel. Bamboo is naturally green on the ouside and has a light yellow colour on the inside. By skinning the stems the "natural" light yellow colour appears. The darker brown colour is achieved through carbonisation in a heating process. The natural sugars in the bamboo caramelise and gives the brown colour to the core.


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