Bamboo is a strong materiaal with great possibilities




KOSA Bamboo can be planed into any shape just like wood. The material is harder than most wood types and therefore requires appropriate tools and machine settings. We can advise you on the best way to process bamboo.



Sanding of KOSA Bamboo can be done in the same way as wood products. This as well requires good machines, because of the hardness of bamboo. We can help you to do this or advise you on the possibilities.


KOSA bamboo can be glued with conventional wood glue. The pressure on the material is most important factor in the process. Always make sure the surfaces to be glued are evenly planed. We have a lot of experience in this and can provide these services or advise you if you have any questions.


To get a very polished smooth surface, a filler can be used for an impressive finish. Bamboo naturally has an open grain structure. This can be filled with a mixture of sanding dust and a special glue. The result can be finely sanded to achieve a mirror smooth surface.


bamboe frezen


Frames, skirtings, handsrails and other customized products can be made from KOSA Bamboo just like from wood. . These can be combined with flooring or carpentry made from KOSA Bamboo for a complimentary look. Feel free to ask us for advice.

bamboe verbinding


KOSA Bamboo is being compressed in mouldings of 1.85 meters. Longer sized will be made with fingerjoints so we can offer you any length up to 5.4 meters. This is a seemless connection in a zigzag shape. Now we can offer you all the required lengths exactly to your demands. We have a big capacity for large quantity demands.

bamboe bewerkingen

KOSA Bamboo can be finished with furniture oil or lacquer for protection and a stunning look. We can provide you advise on the possibilities and application method for different products.